CARY Program

CARY’s Youth Advisers work directly with students and families to reduce youth violence and crime. School disciplinary acts are powerful predictors of future delinquency and criminality. CARY works with youth at a stage when intervention is most successful and the student’s school and learning experience can be turned around.

PeaceRox Program

Weekly, voluntary groups to focus on social skills training and individual coaching to teach kids new skills as alternatives to aggression and campus violence.

Individual Counseling

Individual sessions are provided for each student on a monthly basis in combination with group. 

Parent Empowerment

A parent component is incorporated to bring families together to participate in activities that will improve family functioning and decrease student problem behaviors that are impacting school performance.

Service Learning

Service Learning Projects are a method of teaching, learning, and reflecting that combines academic classroom curriculum with meaningful community service. 


CARY collaborates closely with school principals, assistant principals, counselors, teachers, and other youth services agencies.