CARY Engagement Partnership

Corporate Partnerships: Empower Youth, Strengthen Texas

At CARY, we see a Texas where every young person has the
opportunity to thrive, contribute, and grow into a future leader of our communities. We invite
you to join us on this transformative journey.

Why Partner With CARY?!

  • Your partnership enables us to deliver our Youth Violence Prevention Curriculum at no cost, directly impacting young lives by providing them with essential life skills and a path away from violence and crime.
  • Investing in CARY not only improves lives but also fortifies the Texas community by fostering safer neighbourhoods and nurturing a skilled, stable work force.
  • Aligning with CARY elevates your corporate identity. It demonstrates a profound commitment to corporate social responsibility, enhancing your brand’s value through active community involoment

Community Champion

$1,000 – $4,999 Helps provide snacks for all of our campuses. The simple trust that a snack is available by coming to a CARY group allows students to open up, build relationships with positive adults, and feel secure in their world of strife, if only for a time.
Benefits: Recognition in CARY materials, updates on program impact, event invitations.

Purpose Pioneer

$5,000 – $24,999 Funds field trips for our students which are a great incentives for our students to achieve increased attendance to better grades and fewer disciplinary issues.
Benefits: All of the above, plus features in our Annual Impact Report and opportunities
to engage with program recipients.

Legacy Leader

$25,000 And Above! At this level you will help close gaps in funding so CARY can continue to provide year round support and uninterrupted services to our kids for 1 school.
Benefits: All of the above, plus exclusive meetings with our Executive Director, press
release mentions, and event highlights.

Host In-Kind Drives

Join our CARY community by hosting “in-kind” drives to help support our students and staff! Some examples can be:

  • Snack Drives – CARY’s youth advisors use the power of healthy snacks to not only help nourish but open their minds to the opportunity of positive choices! (snacks or gift cards are welcome)
  • Field Trip Drives – Give a gift of a field trip! These experiences are incentives for our students to stay in school, improve their grades and see a better future. (gift cards)
  • Create The Space Drives – CARY’s Youth Advisors work hard to create warm, inviting spaces where our students can feel relaxed and safe. This helps our staff to  fulfills their wish lists and create a space for success!

Volunteer Opportunities

CARY Program Support Volunteer is a one-time volunteer opportunity to help a Youth Advisor with planning a special program or event. You would work directly with a Youth Advisor to assist with fulfilling any wants and needs to help make events fun and memorable for our students. This may include, but is not limited to, CARY graduations, service learning projects, and field trips. Time Commitment: 2 to 6 hours throughout the volunteer opportunity (1-3 hours of prep and 1-3 hours of execution).

Campus Support Volunteer helps support the Youth Advisor on one of our campuses for a minimum of a school semester. You would be paired with a campus to help our CARY Youth Advisor with monthly needs such as, but not limited to: acquiring donated snacks or food, dropping off items at the campus, helping to celebrate CARY graduations, and supporting service learning projects and field trips. Time Commitment: 1-3 hours monthly during the course of a semester, either Fall (August – December) or Spring (January – May).