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CARY on We Are Austin

Thank you to CBS Austin for helping us raise our voice to spread CARY’s messages of youth empowerment. CARY Kids are in need of more funding for mental health so they do not end up in the juvenile justice system, which has proven to lead to further involvement in the criminal justice system, as students […] Read More

Congratulations! Jim Kester Memorial Scholarship Recipients

The Council on At-Risk Youth (CARY) and the Jim Kester family are excited to announce this year’s winners of the 11th Annual Kester Memorial Scholarships. Even though this year we were not able to reward them in person we are still so proud of the hard work they have up into their education.  Mildret Del Carmen Guardiola graduated from Akins Early […] Read More

Thank You, CARY Donors!!

Thank you for all the continued support you have given to our CARY Kids. With your donations, we were able to pivot during the pandemic and continue services through this challenging school year! While the future remains uncertain for many of our resilient students retuning to school, CARY is not uncertain about continuing services. Our […] Read More

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