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CARY on We Are Austin

Disrupting the pipeline to prison and giving local kids and equal chance. CARY is helping to shut down the pipeline to prison, by providing life skills and counseling to at-risk youth. Executive Director Shana Fox and Youth Advisor Denisse Plotycia spoke with Trevor Scott about how CARY helps students and how we can all support... [ more ] Read More

In A Mural, A Chance For Kids To Grow

The Community Mural Project was created to teach CARY students about community leadership. CARY Youth Advisor, Danielle Catalfumo, a licensed Art Therapist, has been working with our students to use their artistic expression as a means of therapy. This collaboration between Danielle and our CARYKids has led them to create the AWESOME mural (shown below) that will give our students a sense of pride and reflect the positive change that can happen when we are shown kindness. The Honorable Celeste… Read More

A CARY Success Story!

Watch the video to hear Kierdra's story! Read More

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