PeaceRox Receives eBay Foundation Grant

eBay Foundation’s GIVE Team Program, recently made a $6,000 grant to CARY for our PeaceRox program. The GIVE Team Program empowers employees of eBay Inc. to support their communities through volunteerism and employee-sponsored grants. In 2013 alone, GIVE teams worldwide recommended over 200 nonprofits to receive grants totaling more than $1,100,000.

“eBay Foundation was established to reach beyond the boundaries of eBay’s virtual village to develop strong communities that bring people together,” said Lauren Moore, President of eBay Foundation. “Through our GIVE Teams, we’ve been able to identify and support a wide variety of outstanding programs, that feed families in the San Francisco Bay Area, educate children in India, assist seniors in Germany, mentor at-risk youth in Omaha and serve the homeless in Austin – to name only a few. We couldn’t be happier to add to our list of beneficiaries by supporting the Council on At-Risk Youth in its efforts to keep kids out of the pipeline to prison.”

Special thanks to board member, Daniel Mennega for providing us the opportunity to apply for this grant.