Support CARY Kids!

COVID-19 has closed our campus but not canceled our services! The population that we serve are hardest-hit by current job losses, overburdened systems, school closures, and social isolation. Help support CARY so we can provide consistent services for our students during these uncertain times.

CARY is dedicated to our mission and to the mental health and well-being of every kid we serve! Our students and their families will suffer many hardships during this challenging experience, which will possibly have an impact on access to basic necessities. While the schools continue to be closed, we are unable to meet with our students face to face but we have been planning and preparing to meet the needs of our students and their families, providing additional resources, as needed.

 Here are some ways our CARY Youth Advisors will continue to make a positive impact:

  • Our staff will be checking in with our students and their families through phone, emails, video apps. to see how we can support them through this time.
  • We will be continuing to deliver individual and group counseling sessions via phone calls or video chat. CARY prioritizes the health and safety of all of our clients and staff and will be working remotely to meet the evolving needs of our students.
  • Please help provide resources to support our student’s basic needs like food, shelter, education, and financial or medical services.