Support CARY this Amplify Austin Day!

January 20, 2020

Council on At-Risk Youth serves the highest-risk students in four school districts in Central Texas by empowering CARY students, to find their voice and become successful members of our community.

Give to CARY this Amplify Austin Day and St. Davids will match 30% of every dollar you give! Your gift will allow CARY to continue our efforts to help improve the lives of our most vulnerable children in Central Texas. Amplify Day is on March 5th 6pm to March 6th 6pm.

Here are some ways you can support CARY during this 24 hours day of giving!

  1. Pre-schedule a gift! Beginning Jan. 21, you can pre-schedule your gift here!
  2. Champion CARY! You can become an individual fundraiser and challenge your network to join you in amplifying CARY! Click the green “Create a Campaign Page” button on our page.
  3. Become a social media superstar for CARY! Follow CARY on, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and please like and share all of our Amplify posts!
  4. Match it up! We’re recruiting individuals and businesses to be Match Partners during this 24 hour day of giving and help make a positive impact for the kids we serve!