Message from our Founder & Executive Director Emeritus, Adrian Moore

Letter from our Founder:  Adrian Moore

As we celebrated CARY’s 16-year anniversary, I also celebrated 50 years of continuous professional employment with New Mexico Youth Authority, Texas Youth Commission, National Council on Crime and Delinquency, American Correctional Association, and the Council on At-Risk Youth.

Several observations, and at least one recommendation as a take-away from 50 years of service in state government and in non-profit organization:

*50 years ago, our national recidivism rates were 75%, but I was highly optimistic in the concept of rehabilitation, yet today, recidivism rates range between 60% and 70%.

*In 1965 we had 250,000 locked up in state and federal prisons; our capacity building in juvenile and criminal justice has resulted in a 1,000% increase with 2,500,000 locked up in state in federal prisons.

*Locally, when we tally city, county, state, and federal expenditures, we spend $1,000,000,000 annually for combined law enforcement, courts, prosecution, public defense, jails, probations, prisons and parole. We must ask ourselves what our return on investment is for this very costly public tax dollar expenditure.

My principal recommendation is that we move expeditiously in building a crime and delinquency prevention infrastructure:

*CARY offers a most ideal model for prevention and early intervention, while gaining success in making our schools and communities safer;

*CARY targets youth, who are most likely to become public offenders, with a nationally recognized and best practice program that prompts attitudinal, behavioral, and character enhancements with student participants.

I stand ready to focus my future efforts on continued advocacy for crime and delinquency prevention, public policy analysis, and governmental relations to promulgate adoption of the CARY crime and delinquency prevention model throughout Texas and the nation.