Our Mission

Our Mission

“Empowering at-risk youth with the skills to avoid crime and violence.” 


To call public attention to the problems, needs, and potential successes of at-risk youth; to move prevention and intervention programs into the public school system; and, to shift public policies away from prison and jail construction toward prevention and early intervention for at-risk youth.

Research and Evaluation

To evaluate CARY programs to assure that they achieve solid empirical outcome measures; to use research-based programs with scientific-based results; to study trends in youth violence by collecting and analyzing data on school disciplinary incidents and on violent youth offenses; to catalog research information on the topic of youth violence, drug abuse, and delinquency; and to support incubation research nurturing new ideas for the prevention of youth violence, drug abuse, crime, and delinquency.

Public Education

To focus public attention on the issues of youth violence, drug abuse, crime and delinquency prevention through newsletters, focus groups, training conferences, and public forums.


To partner with school districts, youth service agencies, universities, and juvenile justice agencies toward the achievement of the objectives of prevention of youth violence, drug abuse, and delinquency.

Future Growth

To evolve, expand, and sustain impactful programming within the Austin area, as well as to become a leader in paving both a state-wide and a nation-wide initiative in the prevention of youth violence, drug abuse, crime, and delinquency.

The City of Austin, Travis County, Austin Independent School District, Governor’s Criminal Justice Division and the U.S. Department of Justice are each funding sources for CARY, but the information presented here-in does not officially represent the opinion or policy of these government agencies.